The software also allows you to customize the reward structure for your affiliates. PartnerStack is an affiliate marketing tool used to run any kind of partner program. This affiliate tracking platform supports an affiliate partner program, a referral program, and reseller channel partners to drive routine revenue. The affiliate manager’s first responsibility is to foster and manage relationships with their affiliate partners.

What is Affiliate Management

This supervisor should also be aware of the tools and affiliate marketing management software being employed. Ultimately, they are responsible for tracking metrics, watching analytics, recruiting new affiliates, and ensuring compliance. The traditional route for training has been pretty much ‘on the job’, usually starting in the affiliate networks. It’s fair to say that as hinted above, a good solid marketing education is a pre-requisite for this role, with broad channel knowledge and understanding. For programs in mainstream affiliate networks, there is usually an affiliate management offering for the leading programs. Other smaller programs may opt to be ‘self managed’ usually at a lower fee cost.

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Optimizing an affiliate marketing program involves monitoring your program’s performance and looking for ways to improve it. Of course, improving your program means incremental growth, which is what every business aims for. When it comes to recruiting affiliates, Grovia has the best solution on the market today.

Another important duty of an affiliate manager is to keep tabs on regulatory compliance. Affiliate marketing is a particularly well-liked distribution method. Affiliate marketing is a form of performance marketing in which you develop a partnership with other businesses to sell your products in return for a fee.


This requires a deep understanding of the digital advertising landscape as well as the skills necessary to manage relationships with potential clients. Beyond the more apparent business development aspects, affiliate management also involves administrative tasks such as creating a structure for your affiliate program and setting the wheels in motion. As an affiliate manager, you’ll also need to track affiliate sales via those links to your website, and efficiently reward affiliates with commissions on every sale . Scaleo offers a simple and easy affiliate management solution to track, analyze, and optimize your affiliate business. The solution can be applied effectively for affiliate networks as well as advertisers and media buyers.

  • Affiliate managers are the first people affiliates will come to with brand questions, so they need to educate themselves on the brand.
  • Of the people I entered the industry with in the early 2000s in the UK, many have spread far and wide, to key roles from Sydney and Singapore to New York and San Francisco.
  • An affiliate management program can be set up in-house or can be outsourced.
  • We Can Track offers 4 plans to choose from, the first being completely free.
  • The idea is to work towards establishing a concrete affiliate program that helps create autonomy within the business.

They have a top-of-market software solution that finds niche relevant content partners and their contact info. They have a wide range of solutions for any company’s budget, from DIY software to a full-service recruitment outreach solution. If you are looking for recruitment help, take a call with my buddy Rob at Grovia. There is no set salary for affiliate marketing managers because pay is typically based on experience and performance.

Customer Loyalty Program Software Options for Your Business

Affiliate managers’ salaries vary depending on their level of education, years of experience, and the size and industry of the company. They may also earn additional compensation in the form of commissions affiliate management system and bonuses. Affiliate tracking is the process of managing and tracking marketing activities, usually through the use of a special software and different plugins installed in affiliate websites.

What is Affiliate Management

When it comes to building an affiliate marketing program, we have the definitive guide to success from finding the right affiliate to scale. With automated affiliate marketing, your brand can easily create a repeatable process to continuously attract new and loyal customers. Which is why we are sharing our 13 best tips for affiliate program managers looking to drive business growth in the very near future. On a mission to help affiliate managers maximize the potential of their affiliate program.Learn more about Dustin here. Training your own team ensures an alignment of your culture, values, and mission. It also ensures that your affiliate manager know your product and brand well enough to craft tailored affiliate campaigns.

Affiliate Marketing: How it works?

This is also a great way to introduce yourself as the program manager and start building a personal relationship with your affiliates. Allow affiliates to create multiple links that they can customize and redirect to point to specific products. Share codes, accessed through the portal, provide affiliates with an easy, memorable way to share while gaining additional insight into which sources and mediums convert best. Going the agency route is an excellent option for brands that have already worked with an in-house affiliate marketing manager and want to scale.

What is Affiliate Management

Then build on your skill set to increase your performance and enhance your career in this in this industry. Instead, you tend to gravitate towards it through multiple different levels or entries into the digital marketing space and a big part of it is learning through experience in the job itself. Whatever affiliate marketing job you have, attention to detail is a must-have skill to be able to track and keep your efforts organized.

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However, if you don’t have your own traffic, hiring a BOF affiliate could be a critical mistake. Many of these people are simply intercepting traffic to earn commissions. If you are a smaller business, TOF affiliates (think influencers, bloggers, podcasts, etc.) that create the most value for consumers are your best bet.

Larger brands such as Apple and Adidas have teams of affiliate managers focused on each area. Ideally these are managed in an integrated way alongside the brand’s own channel teams. Frequent and consistent communication is paramount to successfully manage affiliates and affiliate programs. Commonly, an affiliate manager’s income will heavily rely on the location they live in and the scale of the affiliate program they are managing. Most often, an affiliate manager will receive a commission, ie, a percentage of sales they make. Here are a few common marketing and sales related skills that aid the role of affiliate managers.

How to choose the best affiliate management software?

Brands are considering managing programs in-house and there is a plethora of tracking platforms to choose from. Ultimately, it’s better to build and manage your own affiliate network – making use of affiliate software – rather than going with existing affiliate networks. Software lets you communicate smoothly and nurture close relationships with your affiliates. It also streamlines the entire program from start to finish, including automation, tracking, and rewards. By 2020, U.S. affiliate marketing spend is expected to rise to $6.8 billion.

Their monthly invoicing feature allows you to make affiliate payouts automatically on time. If you’re still unsure if We Can Track is the right tool for you, you can try their 30-day free trial right after signing up. We Can Track offers 4 plans to choose from, the first being completely free.

You can tell us what your affiliate marketing goals are, and we can help you accomplish them. Additionally, we can set new affiliate objectives that can further your company’s marketing progress. We work with just 6000 of the top affiliates in the world so you can be confident in our management coupled with their abilities. Our highly successful affiliate managers have built close working relationships with them over years, which means we can pair you with the perfect publishing partners. Tapfiliate has added significant value to our business by enabling us to manage all our affiliate programs in one place and easily scale them.

As such, various companies hire people as affiliate marketers, start their affiliate program, and let it run on auto-pilot…and then become disappointed when there are no tangible results. The affiliate marketing model allows businesses to reach new customers without active involvement in marketing content. However, it involves many moving parts — such as recruiting affiliates and tracking their effectiveness — so it’s more likely to achieve success with rigorous oversight. Affiliate Management is the process of building and growing a channel of marketers to drive traffic to your store, business or offer.

IDevAffiliate is a feature-packed affiliate management solution that’s easy to set up and simple to use. IDevAffiliate currently offers integrations with over 175 shopping cart partners, including the likes of BigCommerce, Shopify, Stripe, and WooCommerce. Run an affiliate marketing program that’s fully owned by your business, without paying additional fees to an existing affiliate network. Thanks to affiliate software, you won’t have to manage all the nuts and bolts of your program manually, which isn’t the best use of your time or resources.

Find affiliates that have a proven track record of high conversion rates. We have generated over $22 million for our clients using our carefully-selected affiliate networks. Over the years, we’ve analyzed a wealth of digital marketing data to identify the most effective strategies. Unlike other agencies, we have an in-depth understanding of what makes a successful marketing channel that’s built on real data, not best guesses. To become an affiliate manager, it’s important to have a strong understanding of digital marketing and online advertising.

The 15 best affiliate software programs to choose from

An affiliate manager oversees the companions in a program and the software or network on which they operate. Responsible for ensuring that tracking is effective, guaranteeing compliance to help the organization benefit from the channel, and attracting new partners are part of this position’s responsibilities. Affiliate managers are in high demand due to the popularity of performance marketing in e-commerce today. With the economy in shambles, many businesses are switching from traditional to new forms of marketing.

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Even though there are dozens of affiliate software available, through trial and error, you will surely find the perfect affiliate software tool to match your or your affiliate marketing business needs. Your choice of affiliate tracking software should be based on a number of factors. UpPromote prides itself on being an advanced tool that is simple to set up and time-saving and also helps merchants reach even more potential affiliates by free listing on UpPromote Marketplace.